Facilitate Our Children During Learning

A day yesterday on my Facebook homepage circulating post about the test questions of elementary school children that contain inappropriate content.

People share it with the warning, “Watch your children while learning.” That is, the subject matter / replay is not always healthy and right. Therefore parents should supervise. (more…)

Practical Ways to Write and Publish a Book

A practical way of writing and publishing a book is a commitment. When you are committed to write every day, then ease in writing will you feel. Your writing is like water flowing down from the top to the bottom.

One could write as he reads a lot. With a lot of reading to be a lot of vocabulary included in our subconscious. The memory of our brains store important words and profound that sentence out so captivate readers.

History and Statistics Homeschooling in the United States

Interesting read the history of homeschooling in the United States are united in the form of an infographic by this TopMastersInEducation.com. (more…)

How to Write Articles That Good and Qualified

Blogging, like it or not, like it or not, is the activity of writing. Through the writing was a blogger express opinions, ideas, thoughts and personal experiences to others aimed at providing benefits to those who read it.

Because it was supposed to be a blogger to master the technique of how to write good articles. Because, as good as what a blog and limited only as good articles in it. (You agree?) (more…)

“Baladeva”, Indonesian Literature Comics Internationalised

However, remember Kebo Parang, control your body and mind, the five elements in you. Because, with it, you can use pranamu properly and menghindarkanmu of destruction “.

Thus the passage of messages Nyai Kalini to Kebo Parang in the Chronicle of Calonarang digital comics: Comics Tantraz production Baladeva Bali, page 50. (more…)

Why Our College Student Lazy to Read ??

As a teacher, I often stress yourself with my students. If it matters to read, his easy for mercy.

Anyone would know, reading textbook thick and foreign language is not easy, let alone be enjoyed. But, I have given sadurannya else, they are still reluctant to read.

Problem interest in literacy is also discussed in the meeting of the author and editor of Compass Book Publishers, Thursday (19/05/2016). One thing that is immediately felt “jleb” for me was when Witdarmono, newspaper initiators (more…)

Millennial Generation Need Sensitivity ‘Remote Sensing’ and ‘Geothermal Energy’

What is the meaning of nationalism for a generation that did not even imagine what it must be freedom of speech is a luxury at a time? Or, just imagine that the student movement of the 60s and 90s was something heroic in his time?

Not to mention the need to imagine nationalism figures of national revival 108 years ago. What does the resurrection of the golden generation or the generation of this gold? Is it required a second wave of national awakening 100 years before the country’s independence in 2045 later? (more…)