Crystal Mountain Creations has closed!

Crystal Mountain Creations has shut down. I learned today that my dear friend and business associate Carl Schaner the person that filled all our online wholesale orders passed away this morning 10/01/2014. Since no one else is capable of doing the internet business, this wholesale website is closing. If you have items listed on your websites or have been ordering through us for your retail stores this will no longer be possible. We thank you for being a part of our family here at Crystal Mountain and wish you all the best.

To me Carl's passing leaves this world a little poorer, but me a lot richer for having known him as a dear friend and confident. He will always be a bright spot in my memories for rest of my days.

We will shortly be opening our new website Elegant Home Decor. Please feel free to bookmark our new site and visit us when we open.

Ray Baxter